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In a socially distant era, virtual art spaces take on a new criticality and are more essential than ever for artists and communities to not only survive but thrive. The mission behind Moon Shot and Great Pause Project is to document a collective memory of this historical time and use this material to shape a better future. 


How can we use advancing technology and new media to ignite creative expression, reflect on global connectivity, and create a vision for a better tomorrow? We aim to bring a feminist perspective to the male-driven space race and to decolonize virtual platforms. In the era of space exploration and exponential growth, much of the current focus is on the technological aspect. But what about the ethical and cultural aspects of space exploration? We aim to facilitate a dialogue to explore these questions and provide new perspectives to the space industry.


By initiating a new virtual curatorial platform, Moon Shot collides the structure of the gaming world with that of physical art openings and events. It encourages time-based, interactive experiences with art online, generating collaborative spaces that move dominant web use away from surveillance capitalism and towards creative collaboration. Without the restraints of shipping, geographic limitations are no longer present, and the exhibition space becomes truly global, linking networks of artistic communities worldwide. 

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