Reflections on COVID-19

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Take action in quarantine, 3 easy steps! We are a creative and multidisciplinary team developing a repository of the COVID-19 experience. As experts collect information worldwide, we are building a database for creative expression. Great Pause Project is entirely open source, available to a global community to reflect, share, and document this unique experience. Join us as we archive this story! 


We are launching this project to space! Your contributions will be planted on the Moon in 2022 as well as a digital repository with several time capsules distributed on Earth. The time capsules are composed of data encoded into synthetic DNA and Nanofiche, designed to last a billion years for citizens of the future. This archive records everyone’s shared experience to provide access to a synergetic library of thought and creative expression. Through our partner network, we have secured a spaceflight on a lunar lander. More details coming soon!

Where will my submission go?



STEP 1: Complete this survey!

We want to know how you are feeling during quarantine. Complete this questionnaire to share insights during this unusual time. All remarks are anonymous. 9 questions (5-10 minutes) 


STEP 2: Take a photo from your window!

The window is both a shield and our connection to the outside world. It is our daydreaming space, our prison bars, our weather report and our space for reflecting on quarantine in collective separateness. Join us as we share views from our windows to celebrate our interconnectivity from isolation.


STEP 3: Upload photos of your surroundings!

Help us compile images documenting the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. We want to see what is happening in your neighborhood - unusual signs, something surprising, discarded masks and gloves, unexpected nature sightings and more!


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